Poverty, Austerity and Brexit: VONNE provides evidence to UN

VONNE CEO Carol Botten met with the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston on Wednesday 7 November. 

Carol talked about the likely impacts of Brexit on the region’s people and places and what we need to see in the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (the successor programme to European Funding) to address the needs of ‘left behind’ places and under-represented groups.

Alston, an independent expert from Australia, is seeking evidence on poverty, inequality and the effect of austerity on local government funding and met with civil society groups, academics, public authorities and people living in poverty and dealing with the consequences of austerity.

Carol was invited to meet with Alston as a result of VONNE's work examining the impacts of Brexit and role in the consultation process for UK SPF, highlighted at our annual conference, Brexit: implications for North East VCSE organisations and their beneficiaries.

Read more about the official UN visit and why the North East was chosen in The Conversation article by Koldo Casla of Just Fair and related coverage from the BBC and The Guardian and you can read Philip Alston's official statement on his visit to the UK and a summary of the key points of his report in this article from The Guardian.