VCSE organisations call for national strategy to reduce health inequalities

Members of the Inequalities in Health Alliance (IHA), a coalition of non-profit organisations committed to improving health in the UK, have written to the Prime Minister calling for a clearly defined, cross-government strategy to tackle health inequalities.

The letter, which is signed by more than 90 senior representatives from the IHA, makes the case that many deaths could have been prevented during the Covid-19 pandemic if the population had better pre-existing levels of general health. It argues that a national strategy focused on ensuring everyone has access to good-quality housing, food, employment, transport and more will make the nation healthier and happier, while reducing strain on the NHS.

Alongside the IHA’s letter to the Prime Minister, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) published a position paper incorporating real life stories to illustrate the impact social, economic and environmental factors can have on people’s health outcomes. It too calls for a national strategy on health inequalities, urging the government to make an ambitious commitment to increase healthy life expectancy across the UK.

To find out more and read the IHA’s letter in full, visit the RCP website.