VCSE organisations remain resilient during pandemic

Northumberland VCS Assembly has published its spring State of the Sector Report, based on a survey of 74 voluntary and community groups across the county.

Some of the report’s findings reflect the damaging effect that Covid-19 has had on the VCSE sector in Northumberland. For instance, although 46 per cent of organisations surveyed experienced an increase in demand for their services during 2020, 44 per cent said their capacity to deliver these services had decreased. This was due to dwindling volunteer numbers during the pandemic, as well as the difficulties posed by moving services online.

However, Northumberland VCS Assembly also found that most organisations have been extremely adaptable during the last year and have succeeded in overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. Most moved their services online, and many plan to continue virtual delivery in future. What’s more, despite 40 per cent of respondents feeling less financially secure as a result of Covid-19, only one in ten indicated that they might not be operational in the next year. This shows the resilience of the VCSE sector, and its ability to react effectively to challenging circumstances.

The report identifies funding and adapting to new ways of working as key challenges for VCSE organisations in Northumberland going forward. It also draws attention to the pressing need to employ new and skilled volunteers and staff, to meet increased demand for services.

Read the full report now on the Northumberland VCS Assembly website.