Victims First Northumbria – Volunteering Opportunity

Victims First Northumbria – Volunteering Opportunity

Is making a difference to the lives of vulnerable victims and witnesses important to you? If you are passionate about putting people first then this exciting opportunity will be for you.

From 1st April Victims First Northumbria will be a one stop shop for victims of crime, delivering a new coordinated approach to victim care, where victims of crime feel confident to seek help and when they do, they are provided with a choice of high quality support tailored to meet their individual needs.

Whilst working very closely with Northumbria Police to make use of the victims safeguarding work, which they do as officers, this will be a totally independent service that will co-ordinate information and support to a victim from the first point of contact and throughout until their cope and recovery needs have been met. Those victims of crime who don’t want to go to the police will be supported in exactly the same way and we will have a helpline, website support, Victim Services Directory and an extremely wide network of promotion to ensure that Victims First Northumbria is known to be the right place or resort.

An essential element of this service will be face to face emotional support, best delivered by local people who understand their local area and who can connect to local victims.  Volunteers will assist Victims First in providing the support victims personally need – by delivering community based face-to-face emotional support.   Other support may come from a range of agencies, organisations, and specialist services but often, just talking to someone independent from family and friends can help enormously to make sense of what has happened and help victims find a way to cope and recover.

As a Victims First-Northumbria volunteer you will:

  • Have face to face engagement with victims – in their own home or in an agreed location
  • Be a listening ear and provide emotional support and care based on the individual needs of victims
  • Liaise with Victims First Coordinators to ensure the right support services are in place and provide updates regarding information shared, support provided and outcomes achieved
  • Provide support that may range from a one-off contact to support through the whole criminal justice system and beyond

Those interested in volunteering for the new role will need effective communication and administrative skills, access to transport and IT as well as a non-judgmental attitude and desire to help others.

Volunteering with Victims First Northumbria will allow you to support victims of crime in your community when they are feeling at their most vulnerable.  If you feel you have the skills and experience to undertake this role please complete the Victims First application form and return by email to by Sunday 12th April 2015.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries.