Virgin Money launches the Community Anchors' Fund

The Community Anchors’ Fund - £500,000 to support community organisations in the North East

The Virgin Money Foundation believes that everyone has the right to live in a vibrant, diverse and thriving community and we want to support those vital local organisations that act as the “bedrock” in a neighbourhood - providing a place where people feel welcome, where problems can be solved and where good ideas are helped to grow. For this reason we are launching the Community Anchors’ Fund.

So what’s a Community Anchor organisation?

For us they are those vital, neighbourhood based, locally-led organisations, committed to driving positive economic, social or environmental change within that community.  They act like “anchors” - there for the long-term, trying to provide stability as the world around them changes, constantly adapting to different circumstances. They are independent, but work in partnership with other agencies and organisations operating in the area.

Community Anchor organisations come in different forms, however, the form of the organisation is less important than the methods they employ.  They are often the driving force in a local neighbourhood, the facilitator and supporter of community activity and a way that local people of all ages can be involved in determining their shared future. 

The Community Anchors’ Fund will provide organisations working in the North East of England with grants between £10,000 and £50,000. The funds can be used to cover core costs, they can also be spent on designing and launching new activity. The award can be spread over one, two or three years.

Is that your organisation?

Are you:

• A local organisation, committed to making long-term positive economic, social and environmental changes within your neighbourhood?

• Do you offer open, voluntary access for the local community?

• Do you have strong, long-lasting local relationships?

• Are you independent, but working in partnership with others?

• Do you bring money and/or jobs into your community?

• Do you own or are you trying to acquire or revitalise important local assets?

• Do you provide a voice for local people in shaping the future of their community?

• Do you have a track record of resilience?

The Foundation will make awards totalling £500,000 over the year. Applications will be assessed as part of a rolling grants programme. They expect to make between 10 and 15 awards. When all of the available funding has been allocated the programme will close – so they suggest you apply as soon as possible.

To find out more and to make an application visit