We are proud to be Open To All

VONNE is proud to have signed up to Children England's Open To All scheme, which means that we don't require a degree for any role at VONNE where it isn't essential to the position.

Children England started Open To All to make the voluntary sector even stronger and more inclusive. 

It states: "Getting a degree has become very expensive – too expensive for many young people to consider, especially when it may not increase their chances of finding a good job. We believe the voluntary sector should be as open and accessible as possible to people with the passion and skill to contribute – whether they can afford to do a degree or not.

"There are thousands of people already working in our sector who don’t have degrees and are great at their jobs, including finance directors, campaign managers and chief executives. The Open To All campaign encourages all charities to look at their job descriptions, person specifications and recruitment adverts and check whether they really need to require a ‘degree or equivalent’ for some of their roles.*

Find out more about Open To All and sign the pledge at https://www.childrenengland.org.uk/open-to-all.