We've signed the pledge to always #ShowTheSalary

VONNE has joined a growing movement to make the VCSE sector a fairer and more equitable place by signing the pledge to end salary secrecy.

This demonstrates our commitment to always #ShowTheSalary for all the roles we advertise, both at VONNE and at organisations that are recruiting through VONNE Jobs. This helps make recruitment processes fairer and shows candidates their time is valued and respected. We're proud to to do our bit to stop perpetuating pay gaps to ensure everyone can access a fair wage.

Signing the pledge is a simple ask to tackle pay gaps in the VCSE sector, and as part of it, we also commit never ask candidates for their current or previous salary, and to only ask for a degree if it’s truly essential.

Find out more about why it's important to #ShowTheSalary at showthesalary.com/why-show-the-salary, and sign up to the simple pledge at showthesalary.com/the-pledge.