This year’s Community Energy – State of the Sector research survey is now live!

Building on research carried out the January 2017, Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales are working to understand the community energy sector throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The online survey is being conducted between 16th January – 23rd February 2018 and is designed for community groups with existing energy generation or low carbon initiatives, seeking to understand the number, nature and outcomes of their activities.

The findings from this survey will be crucial in influencing government policy over the next 12 months and will help to raise awareness of the importance of community energy. The research will also feed into the ongoing work of Community Energy England and Community Energy Wales, supporting and aiding communities to develop their own low carbon projects.

If you are a member of a community energy organisation, or know someone who is, please use the below link to take part in the survey or to pass on to someone else who can.

**If your organisation took part in the last year’s State of the Sector please do not use the survey link above. You will be provided with a tailored survey for your organisation**

We greatly appreciate your support and hope we can use your input to help build security and support for community energy in the UK.

This research is being conducted in partnership with Scene, an Edinburgh based community renewables consultancy.