Youth Homeless North East 2019


VONNE is saddened to hear the following news from Youth Homelessness North East. The demise of YHNE is a loss to the sector and the young people supported by the organisation over the years.

The sad news is that on the 21st August the Board of Trustees decided that Youth Homeless North East would cease operating by the end of October 2019.   Many of you will know that YHNE began life in 2012, hosted by Centrepoint.  In 2016 YHNE set up as a limited company and later registered as a charity.  The decision has been made following a thorough scrutiny of YHNE’s ability to continue to deliver its charitable objectives as a going concern.  Despite our best efforts, over the past few years we have failed to secure the funding required to sustain the organisation and so the decision to close YHNE was made. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank colleagues in the region and beyond and most importantly all the young people we have had the honour to work with over the years. 

The closure of small charities like ours is a loss to the battle to end homelessness particularly as an organisation that sought to work across the sector, encouraging and seeking to support a collective approach underpinned by shared actions and crucially putting young people at the centre.  Like Murphy’s we’re not bitter but saddened to be leaving the field. 

Mike Clark                                                                                 Sharon Brown 

Chair of the Board                                                                    Director