Youth Homeless North East Annual Survey: Mental Health

Youth Homeless North East are currently conducting a survey to identify the mental health problems that young people under risk of homelessness might face.

Each year, Youth Homeless North East carries out an annual survey into youth homelessness in the North East. From their 2017 survey, 'mental health' was identified as the main support need for young people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Mental health was also identified as the main reason why young people were using NPS (or 'legal highs') in another recent study carried out.

Because of this, they have set up a research project around mental health and would like to:

  • Better understand why young people feel like they do
  • Work with young people to help inform the services that they use
  • Offer recommendations on improving responses to the mental health needs of young people affected by homelessness
  • Produce educative and self-help resources for young people and professional

Could you help them get as many participants as possible?

The survey is for young people between 14-25 years old. Please visit the Youth Homeless North East website for more information about their mental health project and complete the survey online