The VCSE sector plays a key role in delivering services to those people living in poverty and campaigning for long-term structural change.


  • 500,000 people – including 150,000 children - in the North East live in poverty.
  • ​The majority of them are likely to live in households where at least one person is working.
  • ​£1 in every £5 of public spending goes on services that are necessary because poverty exists.

A range of VONNE members are focussed on poverty alleviation while many others work with those on low incomes or who are otherwise struggling to make ends meet.

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) is campaigning for a poverty-free UK, underpinned by detailed research, policy suggestions, and practical advice and support.

We Can Solve Poverty in the UK is JRF’s comprehensive strategy to tackle poverty in the UK. 

Their latest report 'UK Poverty 2018' examines the nature and scale of UK poverty and the effect of the UK poverty rate on the people gripped by it.