11 Key Steps for Trustees, 1 Giant Leap for your charity


North East firm Tait Walker with its MHA partners have produced this new publication.

Recognising the work The Charity Commission are undertaking to upskill both trustees and increased standards and governance throughout the sector they have focused our 2018 publication on Trustees, with different areas of focus for each month of 2018.

Month one starts at the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start – looking at the recruitment of trustees. At planning meetings throughout the year one of our most frequently asked questions is, how do we find new trustees? The article looks at your current trustee make up, the skills required, the advertising process, setting expectations, skills audit and induction.

Other topics within the report include financial controls, decision making, risk management, fundraising and ends with a useful checklist for organisations to use to record their necessary actions and progress.