Family Foundation Giving Trends 2014 Report


This is the sixth annual edition of Family Foundation Giving Trends. It provides an update on annual charitable spending by the top 100 family foundations – a key indicator of the contribution of UK philanthropists, past and present. The report has been revised as part of a new series of foundation briefings published by ACF and CGAP with support from Pears Foundation. Foundations may be funded through families, individuals, family businesses, companies, government, or fundraising, and this report specifically focuses on family foundations.

It complements the recent ‘sister’ report, Top 300 Foundations, which focuses on the sector more broadly. This edition of Family Foundation Giving Trends reveals that giving by ‘family foundations’, those founded by families, individuals and family businesses, reached its highest level in 2012- 2013, representing almost three-fifths of total foundation giving. Much is due to generous past endowments, but the report also highlights new giving as well as details of smaller and newer foundations. Evidence suggests a possible boom in building foundations and income just before the recession. This begs the question as to whether such expansion can be maintained through a time of lower growth and investment returns? The findings of this report demonstrate the value of tracking foundation trends, and the continuing attractiveness of foundations as effective, tax-efficient vehicles for giving – sufficiently flexible to respond to social need and donor preferences within the framework of public benefit.