NE VCSE Sector Covid-19 impact Survey Report - May 2020


VONNE (Voluntary Organisations’ Network North East) joined together with VCSE Local Infrastructure Organisations (LIOs) and members of the NE and Cumbria Funders Network to prepare and promote a comprehensive survey to understand the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on VCSE organisations and their beneficiaries in North East England.

The survey, which was launched on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020, was open for 12 days until it closed to responses at 9am on May 4th. Throughout this time, it was widely promoted to sector organisations across the region by VONNE, and through the websites, news bulletins and social media channels of our partnership of Local Infrastructure Organisations, funders, social investors and local authorities. The survey received 461 responses from across the region. An initial data cleanse revealed 57 responses that were either not from VCSE organisations or duplicates, which left 404 responses to analyse.

We are confident from the range of responses from different size organisations and the geographical reach of their delivery that we have achieved a representative sample of responses from across the sector. For some analysis, to extrapolate findings to a North East VCSE sector level, we used data on the sector’s breakdown by income, provided by Prof. Tony Chapman of Durham University as part of the Third Sector Trends study, due to be launched at the end of May 2020.

The data and information collected will enable VONNE and its partners to understand the impact of Covid-19, so we can effectively represent and support the sector and influence how funders, local authorities and LIOs focus their support, both now and in the future recovery period.

The findings will be shared with stakeholders including local authorities, LEPs, private sector organisations and the health system, to make the case for additional support and resources for the sector, and with national infrastructure partners including NCVO, ACEVO, NAVCA and the Charity Finance Group, to help us influence government decisions affecting the sector.