Trustee Week: get involved and make a difference

Next week (13-17th November) is Trustee Week, an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.
The role of trustees is essential to the success of VCSE organisations; ensuring the charity is well run, accountable and providing clear benefits to the public, and compliant with their governing document and the law.  It is also the role of trustees to act in the charity’s best interest and manage the charity’s resources effectively as well as setting and supporting the organisation's strategy.
The North East needs more trustees. There are 6900+ charities and not-for-profit organisations working across the North East all of which need outstanding governance to thrive. 
If the average board size is between five to seven individuals and we adjust for individuals who sit on more than one board, then there are approximately 25,000 board positions across the region.  If we include smaller ‘under the radar’ groups we could double this to 50,000 board and committee positions across the North East.
Trusteeship is hugely rewarding. As well as the satisfaction that comes from knowing you are part of a healthy and vibrant civil society, you’ll develop new skills, meet amazing new people and be part of interesting events, debates, initiatives and activities.
Volunteering a few days a year to deliver effective trusteeship is a powerful way to support and develop the work of essential organisations making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people across the Tees Valley.

How we support you

Since 2016, VONNE has been involved in a Building Better Governance working group to support organisations with their governance challenges and over the last year the group have:

The Building Better Governance group is particularly interested in attracting younger trustees (the average age of trustees in currently 54!), and those from the private sector alongside employees with the voluntary sector to sit on other organisations boards.

How you can get involved

To celebrate Trustees Week, the Building Better Governance group are organising an event for Potential First Time Trustees in Tees Valley on 15th November and a specific event for VCSE employees considering trusteeship following the VONNE Conference on 30th November.  
The Building Better Governance group also supports specific initiatives to signposted individuals with an interest in becoming a trustee including:
Trusteeship is a hugely rewarding opportunity which enables individuals to support their local communities whilst utilising and developing their own skills.  Make a difference this Trustee Week by considering becoming a trustee.