VONNE is managed by a board of trustees drawn from voluntary and community sector organisations throughout the region, as well as our president, Sir Paul Ennals CBE, who served as our chair for six years until 2021. Board members are elected from the entire membership.

Current board members and their respective organisations:

Name Organisation Constituency
Alison Dunn (Chair) Gateshead Citizens Advice Entire membership
Donna Bulmer (Treasurer) Haines Watts Co-opted
Jane Kingston Connected Voice Entire membership
Ian Dodds OBE The Cedarwood Trust Co-opted
Colin Hewitt Ward Hadaway Co-opted
Jon Carling Catalyst Stockton-on-Tees Entire membership
Kerry Robinson Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind Entire membership
Sandra Coulter Silverline Memories CIO Entire membership
Jenny Clark Healthwatch England Co-opted
Victoria Burnip (McMann) Unforgettable Experiences Entire membership
Steven Duckworth (Vice-Chair) NHS Co-opted
Michael Fawole North East Law Centre Entire membership
Prof Edward Kunonga NHS Co-opted
Kumareswaradas Ramanathas (Ram) Young Asian Voices Entire membership