Adult Sexual Exploitation Advocate for The Angelou Centre

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Contract Type: Contract / Temporary

Role Type: Employment

Hours: Full time

Application deadline:

Based: Newcastle

Salary: £24,702 to 27,803 Per Annum

Salary Type: Salary Scale

Location: Regionwide

Role description: Officer

Working together with The ASE (Adult Sexual Exploitation) Partnership (formerly STAGE) this role will provide support on a one-to-one basis to women experiencing sexual exploitation. This will include facilitation of drop-ins and delivering therapeutic group work. The role will also require finding innovative solutions to help women address immediate needs and ‘crisis’, support to women with disclosures of sexual violence and the police process. The ASE partnership (Formerly STAGE) also works to influence change to policy and practice at local and national levels, to systemically improve outcomes for women who are experiencing/have experienced sexual exploitation. The primary responsibilities of the role include offering information on options such as reporting to the police, accessing SARC services, and obtaining specialist support like pre-trial therapy and sexual violence counselling. The role will ensure victims and survivors receive comprehensive support, addressing needs related to health, social care, housing, and benefits.

To apply, send a CV and a cover letter to with the mention "ASE advocate application".


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