Advertise a workspace

Our Workspace Finder is a simple and easy way for you to advertise your workspace to our networks. Whether you have a meeting room, event space, empty office or even just a spare desk, finding your ideal tenant is a great way to build relationships and encourage collaborations.

Advertise a Workspace

Once you’re signed up you’ll have access to advertise as many workspaces as you need for up to a year. If you want to continue your listings beyond that time, just renew! 

When you advertise with VONNE Workspace Finder, your workspace is:

  • Advertised for up to 12 months
  • Listed on our dedicated Workspace Finder web page 

In addition, Workspace Finder is promoted to our networks through:

  • VONNE News ebulletin, with nearly 4,000 subscribers*
  • VONNE Jobs ebulletin, with over 3,200 subscribers*
  • @VONNENews Twitter with over 5,800 followers*

* Data from February 2023

Terms and conditions:

  • We reserve the right not to advertise for organisations that do not share our values.
  • We reserve the right not to advertise spaces we feel are not relevant or appropriate for our audience.
  • We reserve the right to edit the information provided.
  • The responsibility for following government guidelines and best practice regarding Covid-19 hygiene practices and office reopening lies with individual workspace advertisers.