Job Finder - Frequently Asked Questions

Job advertiser questions

These Job Finder FAQs will help with our most common queries.

How do I list a job?

You'll need a user account to list your job. If you don't have one already, it's quick, easy and free to set up. Just go to the 'Log In' link at the top right of our homepage and follow the link to 'Create new account'.

Once you're logged into our website, follow the Manage Your Job Adverts link from your dashboard then select either the Add a new Trustee role advert or Add a new Employee advert option to upload your listing. If your organisation is a member and has any free Membership+ job adverts available to use, these will appear above the regular listing options on this page and you'll need to click the Advertise a role + button to make your listing.

What information do I need to make a listing?

We've created a Word document template which follows the format of our online job advert upload form. It’s a handy way to get the information you need saved and ready to upload onto your advert, so you can then copy and paste the details directly onto the advert upload form.

For employee roles, download the Employee Job Advert template.

For trustee roles, download the Trustee Job Advert template

How much does it cost to list a job?

VONNE Membership+ members can list their roles for £60 plus VAT. If you’re a registered charity, you can sign up for VAT exemption on our advertising services. 

If you’re not a member, job listings cost £140 plus VAT. Again, if you’re a registered charity, you can sign up for VAT exemption on our advertising services. 

How will my advert be promoted?

Your advert will be shared:

  • on our Job Finder web page - average 22,000* visitors a month,
  • through our @VONNEJobs Twitter account - more than 2,800* followers,
  • in our weekly ebulletin – over 3,300* subscribers 
  • on LinkedIn – we regularly share the link to our ebulletin - nearly 2,000 followers
  • some adverts are included in our fortnightly VONNE News ebulletin.

*Figures correct as of June 2024

How soon will my job go live?

Jobs go live on the Job Finder pages as soon as you save your form and will stay there until your application deadline. Live adverts will also appear in the Manage your job adverts section if you need to make any edits to your listing.

Do I have to list a salary?

We strongly encourage all advertisers to show a clear salary for their role. There’s a whole host of reasons we expect this – for fairness and transparency, but you’ll also get more applications if you do. We’re part of the Show The Salary campaign to demonstrate our commitment.

At the very least, all roles advertised with us must pay the National Minimum Wage. If the salary is unclear in your advert we will contact you to check.

Where possible, we encourage employers to consider offering salaries that meet or exceed the Living Wage Foundation’s Living Wage. VONNE is proud to be a Living Wage employer.

How long is my listing live?

Your advert can be live for up to 90 days. This is double the length of advert time most other advertisers offer. This gives you the flexibility to advertise roles for longer with no additional cost.

You’ll have access to edit your advert and extend the date if you need to, providing the new deadline is still within 90 days of your original listing date.

If you don’t recruit, you can also re-advertise the same role for free, providing your new application deadline is within 90 days of your original listing. 

Adverts that are still within the 90 day maximum listing period will have an Edit this job option next to the listing on your user dashboard.

How do I make changes to my advert?

If you log into your account on the VONNE website, there is a link to Manage Your Job Adverts on your dashboard. This takes you to a list of current and previous job adverts your organisation has listed. Live adverts have a link to Edit This Job next to them, and you will need to click on this to make your changes/extend your deadline.

After the 90 days maximum listing period has expired, your advert is automatically removed from the website, and you will no longer be able to edit this.

Please note that adverts for new job roles will require a new listing. If you have any queries regarding a listing, please email

I haven’t recruited, what does it cost to readvertise?

If you don’t recruit, you can re-advertise the same role for free, providing your new application deadline is within 90 days of your original listing. 

Contact us to ask about reactivating your advert if you can't edit it from your user dashboard.

Job seeker questions

Where do you share updates?

Job adverts go live as soon as employers list them on our Job Finder web page. We tweet new vacancies in our daily jobs hour from our @VONNEJobs Twitter account.

If you prefer a weekly roundup, you can sign up to our weekly ebulletin. We also share the link to sign up to our bulletin regularly on our LinkedIn page.

How often are new jobs added?

Employers can add new jobs to our website daily, so it's always worth checking for updates. 

Make sure you stay up to date by following our @VONNEJobs Twitter account, or signing up for our weekly ebulletin

How do I find jobs that are right for me?

Everyone’s ideal job looks different, whether that’s where you want to work, when you want to work, or the type of role you’re looking for, so your job search won’t be like anyone else’s. To help you find the right roles, adverts on Job Finder can be filtered.  

Filters appear on the right hand side of our Job Finder web page and at the top of the mobile version. You can filter to hours, location, salary, contract type and role level. You can also search by keyword, which searches the title and content of live adverts.

I have a question about a job, who should I contact?

Although VONNE hosts the advert, the roles we advertise are listed by the advertising employer. If you have a question about an advert or a role, please contact the employer direct using the contact details provided in the advert.