Unlocking Excellence: Opportunity to Join us at NeuroMastery for HR Excellence training opportunity

Author: Carol Botten
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Empowering HR and People & Culture professionals is at the heart of Neuro Creative Studio's mission. They recognise the challenges you face in your crucial roles and understand the desire you have to create meaningful change. That's why we're excited to introduce a training initiative aimed at equipping dedicated professionals like you with the tools to drive positive transformation in your workplace.

**Free Places and Scholarships:**
There's a special opportunity for you and your HR colleagues to be part of NeuroMastery for HR Excellence without any financial constraints. We have reserved a limited number of free places for those who may lack the resources or support to attend. If you're passionate about driving change and want to learn, grow, and connect, seize this chance.

**Application Process:**
To secure your spot, simply complete the application form as soon as possible. And if you know someone in the HR field who would benefit from this opportunity, kindly share this form with them. Unlocking Excellence: Opportunity to Join us at NeuroMastery for HR Excellence (google.com)

**Types of Passes:**
We're offering a range of free passes, including 8x 1-day passes (valued at up to £495 each), 2x 2-day passes (worth £790 each), and a truly extraordinary chance to join us at Hallington Mill for 3 nights with accommodation and meals included (priced at £2,495).

**Supporting Your Network:**
By participating and sharing this opportunity, you're contributing to a support package for HR professionals that's collectively worth over £7,500. Let's ensure these resources are harnessed to make a lasting impact!

**Application Assessment:**
Every application will be carefully evaluated based on the potential impact attending the event could have on your professional journey, and the people you support through your work.

**Event Details:**
Join us for NeuroMastery for HR Excellence, taking place from September 22-25 in the serene landscapes of Northumberland, UK. For more event specifics, visit the EventBrite platform here.

**Terms & Conditions:**
- This exclusive opportunity is open to HR / People & Culture professionals committed to driving positive change.
- Awarded places are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.
- Travel allowances are not included.
- All awards are granted at the discretion of the organizers.
- Successful applicants must confirm their acceptance within 48 hours

- Notification will be by email to the address provided on this form.

- Terms and conditions are subject to updates.