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A Living Tradition CIC

A Living Tradition aims to use the North East's heritage of human rights work in three key ways: 1) to improve the rights of local minority communities through improving access and reducing isolation, and 2) working with mainstream society and the majority white British community to reduce discrimination, breakdown stereotypes, and improve confidence of/in the minorities they live alongside. Additionally we work to raise awareness of the problems faced by minority communities to local, regional, national and international service providers and agencies. 3) We also work to raise awareness of our human rights heritage and of human rights issues across the world.

A Way Out

A Way Out is an outreach and prevention charity which aims to engage, empower and equip vulnerable and excluded women, families and young people to live lives free from harm, abuse and exploitation and to reduce life limiting choices and behaviour.

A690 Youth Initiative

We provide challenging opportunities for young people who are particularly marginalised by social and economic circumstances, who are at risk of social exclusion.

About turn CIC and Forces for Good

Academy 3-13

Academy 3-13 is a not-for-profit training provider based in Teesside, but with bases in Northumberland, Sunderland and Birtley. We work with the 'Hard to Reach, Long Term unemployed, NEET, and lone parents to deliver accredited training in Employability and Health & Wellbeing and provide work experience opportunities. We are part of a wider organisation called 'Taking Ground'.

Access Counselling and Mediation Services

Our intention is that with the improvement in mental health and psychological wellbeing of the individual, the positive impact will be of benefit to themselves, their families and the wider community.

Acklington Village Hall


Acorns provides therapeutic support and counselling to children, young people and families affected by domestic abuse, in North Tyneside.


Acorns provides therapeutic support and counselling to children, young people and families affected by domestic abuse, in North Tyneside.

Actes Trust


Actes aims to inspire individuals to realise their full potential through supportive engagement and innovative solutions to achieve change.


Our values are:
• Respect and dignity; we will treat all clients, customers partners and staff with respect and dignity regardless of their situation
• Trust and confidentiality; we will earn our clients, customers and partners trust and we will keep all information confidential
• Honesty and transparency; we will be open, honest and transparent in all our activities
• Quality and service; we promise to always deliver a high quality service which is customer focused
Flexibility and innovation; we will be flexible in our approach to delivery and